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Thanks for your interest in helping us with this video project! For this project we are putting together a video on loneliness that will be used nationally in school assemblies for discussions on things like anti-bullying and courage. It’s a short narrative video that shows snippets of feeling alone amongst a crowd but then finding your pack.

For this project, we need six actors varying in age and ethnicity. The following is what we are looking for in a cast but not limited to these descriptions:

    1. A young man, roughly 14 years old, of Hispanic/Latino or Indian ethnicity
    2. A young woman, roughly 17 years old, of Caucasian or Indian ethnicity
    3. A young man, roughly 16-17 years old, preferably athletic (can be a lanky or thicker athletic build) of African, Asian or Indian ethnicity
    4. A young man, roughly 14 years old, preferably small for his age, of Indian ethnicity
    5. A young woman, roughly 14-15 years old, preferably athletic, of African, Arabic or Indian ethnicity
    6. A young woman, roughly 14 years old, of Asian or Indian ethnicity

All actors will be compensated a flat honorarium of $60 for 3 hours of their time. Acting experience is not required. We will coach the individuals through filming and a voiceover. 

Thanks for your help! Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Erin Higgins //