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First Impressions aren’t made when guests walk through your door. They’re made online.

You have a growing church, but you’re not in a place to justify adding media specialists to your staff at this point to help make that first impression on your website or social media page. That’s why we’ve put together a “First Impressions” media package so you have top-notch visuals to amplify your online presence: $3976 + Travel Expenses (If outside the Twin Cities)

First Impressions Package


What do we get?

– One main 2-minute video (e.g. what to expect, capital campaign, etc.)
– One shorter one-minute video (e.g. remix of main video, invite, etc.)
– One 15-second web banner
– One 15-second bumper video
– Plus a full catalog of clips and video stills – all showcasing your church family
– Examples:

What does the day look like?

One or two of us come to your church on a Sunday and film for up to six hours. We capture footage of everything we can: Kids Church, Sunday School, lobby interactions, Worship Service, greeting, etc. At a convenient point (usually after service), we set up lights in a space to capture the narrative for the main video. That part can be whoever you want on camera: the lead pastor, staff, lay leaders or a mix that works for you.

Who crafts the script for the narrative?

No one knows your church better than you and your team, so we recommend you write the script. At the same time, we have plenty of church communications experience and can come alongside you and help. We also have a teleprompter if that makes it easier the day of the shoot.

How do you film the worship team? Are you on stage at all?

We use worship team rehearsal to film shots that require our presence on stage (close up of keys, guitar, vocals, etc.). When service begins, we typically move around during the very first song of the set, and then take a more subtle approach to filming throughout the rest of the set so we’re not a distraction.

Do you have a drone?

Yes, we are licensed and insured drone operators. Weather permitting and with FAA clearance, we can get aerial shots of your property/building.

What if someone from our congregation can't be on camera?

Make sure your congregation is aware ahead of time that we will be filming that Sunday and point out anyone (such as foster children) who shouldn’t be on camera. We will avoid recording their faces.

Do you have some examples to watch?

For sure! Check out a few examples here:

Why Go With Thirty Story?

Our core crew, Matt, Jill, and Erin, believe in the local church and have all served as volunteers. Matt and Jill have been on pastoral teams in local churches and are now entering their second decade of media and communications work. Our faith drives us and we devote our time partnering with churches, organizations, and businesses all over the world.

And what’s more? It’s a kingdom investment. By hiring us, you’re part of something bigger. We offer non-profits considerable discounts and tackle a number of pro-bono passion projects like highlighting water wells and the fight against human trafficking every year. We can’t do it without you — Great Visuals. Greater Vision.

How long does it take to get our videos and how does the review process work?

It will take 4 weeks or less from the day of the shoot for you to get a first look at the videos to review. We can expedite everything for an additional $1,500 to get it to you in 2 weeks. If you approve the videos without changes, then all you have left to do is pay the balance due.

The package includes one round of revisions, so if you have changes we recommend you consolidate feedback and send us requested changes via email within 7 days or less. At that point we’ll turn around the final videos to you within 7 days and then you can pay the balance.

Changes not due to our error that are requested after the first round of revisions will be charged an additional $75/hour (we will quote the cost and wait for a green light from you before proceeding).

What music do you use?

We use royalty free music that includes rights clearance for online use. It is typically upbeat and instrumental.

What if attendance is down the day you film?

We use a mix of wide, medium, and tight shots. If seating is spread out, we rely on medium and tight shots with creative camera angles to capture those in attendance.

Since you’re already going to be there, can we pay to add on videos to the package?

Absolutely! Say you want to add-on a 30-second Easter invitation or maybe a 2-minute video on what you believe, or a series of 60-second videos to highlight your values in a newcomers class… to save you a few bucks, instead of bringing us out on a different day, we utilize footage from the day and capture these segments when we film the narrative for the main video in the package.

  • $800 for each new additional 2-3 minute video
  • $400 for each new additional 1 minute video
  • $200 for each new additional 15-30 second video

Okay, we're in. What's next?

Click the “Book Now” button, take a look at our available Sundays, find one that works for you, and choose the start time for your six-hour window. Once you book the date, we’ll reach out to confirm the date and issue an invoice to pay a non-refundable deposit of $400. We will bill the balance upon completion of the project.

I still have a few questions, how can I reach you?

Head over to our Contact Page and fill out the form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Great Visuals. Greater Vision.

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