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The idea for Thirty Story was birthed in March 2014 at the Foshay tower in downtown Minneapolis. We wanted to create a short film that meshed a fun little day of adventure with our boys and footage from early childhood. We entered the Foshay Museum and Observation Deck on the thirtieth story of the tower and started filming. We had such a blast that we decided to seriously start pursuing our passion for photography and film.

Fast forward to May 2016. A friend of ours organized a 30-mile run to raise money to fight human trafficking. We were inspired by his vision and wondered how we could participate at the last minute. On a whim we asked if they had anyone filming the event and offered to donate our time to put together a short video. We created the video and posted it on Facebook and within a week it had tens of thousands of views and helped generate funds even after the event had finished!

That event gave Thirty Story exposure, but more importantly it gave us purpose… to create visuals that enable us to support local and global projects and causes.

Every project allows us to give back. For the past ten years, we’ve donated multiple videos for global causes like digging water wells in Africa and feeding refugees in Eastern Europe. We’ve also sponsored local projects to fight human trafficking and continually offer non-profits a 50% discount from regular pricing.

Great visuals. Greater vision. We can’t do it without you!